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For many years card_1 was the only commercial planning software for Maglev routes world-wide. The airport connection in Shanghai, in operation since the year 2002, as well as nearly all of the sections of the route Hamburg-Berlin were successfully planned using card_1.

In order to accomplish this, we incorporated all the routing guideline requirements for Maglevs in general as well as the project-specific guidelines into our applications. And, of course, all of the rail-specific routing features found in the Rail Planning module are available when planning Maglev routes.

There are, however, numerous special features:

  • Routing, using horizontal and vertical alignment as well as cross-fall data; sinusoidal curves in the plan view and clothoids in the profile
  • Maglev-specific switches
  • Spatial Maglev curves tested according to vehicle dynamics
  • Track support designed on the basis of spatial chainages
  • Vehicle-dynamics test reports including all relevant routing parameters according to the guidelines
  • Spatial route calculation, spatial intermediate point evaluation, spatial chainage management, spatial into plan chainage conversion and vice versa
  • Corresponding spatial chainages of two routes to calculate the track supports
  • Drawings generated according to project guidelines

When it comes to Maglev design, we're on the ball! We follow the current developments of future projects with great interest because from past experience we know that as a rule, new projects demand new project guidelines. And it goes without saying that we endeavour to integrate them into card_1 as quickly as possible – before the planning starts.