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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

When it comes to planning for active and passive environmental protection, CARD/1 is certainly up to the challenge!

CARD/1 provides the means for active environmental protection when working on rural conservation plans, conservation target plans or when planning amphibian guidance facilities.

You can optimize the use of your project data in CARD/1 by feeding it into the noise pollution-related evaluations of SoundPLAN, a software program of Braunstein + Berndt GmbH. CARD/1 provides a technically sound data interface to SoundPLAN, which maintains all the technical properties of the data.

  • Comprehensive libraries of symbols, line styles and area shadings to design the plans
  • Integration of heterogeneous starting data, e.g. orthophotos, digital cadastral maps, surveying data, planning data
  • Map sheet-free project editing independent of scale; layer concept to organize the data into different technical groupings
  • Finished drawings are automatically generated from the existing data
  • Result output in various data formats at a mouse click
  • Project presentation and documentation facility
  • Drawings structured within CARD/1 according to contractors' requirements right from the beginning

CARD/1's uniform 3D data model and expert engineering solutions make interdepartmental and cross-discipline planning easy.