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Presentation module

eView is a tool for presentation, documentation, duplication and archiving your project information. The information relating to a project is, as a rule, stored in various locations either digitally or analogue, but with eView, it is all stored under one user-interface. This allows all those involved in the project easy access to the information from their own workstation. When required, the project information can be distributed as a CD or DVD.



eView is especially ideal for presentations, either internal or to the public, e.g. for a discussion round: you can communicate all the details relating to the technical planning both clearly and illustratively.

eView is also good value when it comes to providing your employees with digital versions of maps and plans which would otherwise hang as paper originals in a map cupboard. The results are page-oriented and are unalterable copies of the original. Any formatting, text fonts, graphics or photos are reproduced true to the original.

You'll find that you can significantly cut duplication costs, files and mounds of paper.

eView is available in the following modules: eView S, eView M, eView L as well as eView key for user administration. more >