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IB&T Sales Partners

The success of our business rests on the strength of our sales partners, who provide professional advice and support for every aspect of CARD/1 in both Germany and worldwide.

IB&T Sales Partners

We are delighted to introduce our sales partners:

IB&T Sales Partner Bad Bramstedt

Engineering Office Claus Leitzke

Your rail specialist in Schleswig-Holstein. Claus Leitzke was an IB&T employee from 1991 working in the fields of development, product management and sales. Since 2007 the Engineering Office Claus Leitzke has been a sales partner of IB&T not only providing expert advice but also consulting and training for all fields of application – especially for railway design.

IB&T Sales Partner in Dresden

IGM Interaktive Grafik Milde GmbH

The experts in the states of Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, and Saxony. IGM GmbH has been a sales and support partner since 1990 providing training and consulting services for CARD/1-related planning tasks. And since 1992, IGM has been a development partner for CARD/1 modules and customer-specific programs.

IB&T Sales Partner in the C.I.S-States

A+S Consult GmbH

A+S Consult GmbH has been a CARD/1 distributor since 2003 and has worked closely with institutions, universities and joint venture partners. Over the last seven years, this innovative company has contributed to the CARD/1 system's development and is also responsible for the translation of the software and accompanying material into Russian.

IB&T Sales Partner in China

Xi'an CARD/1 Software Co. Ltd.

IB&T set up its Chinese partner Xi'an CARD/1 Software Co. Ltd. in 2001. Xi'an, once an imperial city, lies in the central province of Shaanxi, and from there the General Manager, Mei Tang, and her team look after customers right across China.

CARD/1 has been available as a Chinese version since 1997. An experienced team of Chinese engineers has been working to adapt the software to the particular needs of the Chinese market. Our many Chinese users are given valuable support in their daily use of CARD/1 via training and sophisticated technical support. CARD/1 is now one of the leading planning and design systems in China.

IB&T Sales Partner in Hungary

Miklós Tok

Presentations, project consultancy and training in Hungary. Miklós Tok has been IB&T GmbH's distributor in Hungary since 2006. He has been a project manager for traffic route planning projects in Hungary and Germany since 1984. He is also a specialist in sewer planning. Miklós Tok has excellent contacts in the Hungarian and German civil engineering industry.

IB&T Sales Partner in Poland

CARD/1-POL Sp.z o.o.

Top service and support in Poland. CARD/1-POL has been a distributor of CARD/1 since 1996 and has worked closely with engineering offices, technical colleges and joint venture partners. Our Polish team has been contributing to the CARD/1 system's development for many years and has translated the software and accompanying material into Polish.