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IB&T is an internationally oriented company active in the field of CAD software development. For over 30 years now our product, card_1, has been prized by our customers as a powerful, one-stop system.

IB&T Head Office


Mr Harry Basedow (Dipl.Ing.) is both the proprietor and Managing Director of IB&T Software GmbH, having created the software system card_1 in 1985. Right from the start card_1 stood out with its road planning modules and powerful cross-section designer. Since then, card_1 has been continually expanded and perfected.

1989 - 1993

In 1989 IB&T presented the first graphic vertical alignment designer, closely followed by the introduction of the graphic-interactive alignment designer – a revolutionary new development on the German market.

The new rail modules and ground-breaking graphic-interactive switch calculation were first launched at the CeBIT trade fair in 1992. Ever since then IB&T has maintained its position as market leader in rail planning software and since 2000, the card_1 network adjustment has been certified by Deutsche Bahn AG (German Federal Railways). This has enabled all engineering offices to use card_1 for exact evaluation of track geometry surveying for the German Federal Railways.

A further two areas of application were introduced in 1993, when the newly-developed sewer modules and hybrid data processing were integrated into card_1.

1994 - 1999

In order to satisfy the needs of the growing market, IB&T relocated to its own office building in Norderstedt, near Hamburg, in 1995. This was the ideal location from which to co-ordinate all activities in the German market. It's clear from Head Office's attractive architecture that transparency and openness are extremely important. The same can be said for IB&T's relationships to customers, partners and staff.

IB&T has been present in China since 1994, providing the local planning institutes with a flexible, adaptable tool with which large-scale projects in particular can be dealt with in their entirety using the card_1 Chinese version. The next step came in 1998, when a local IB&T office was set up in Xi'an. Then came quite a coup: a Chinese planning institute chose to plan the world's first commercial Maglev route using the card_1 Chinese version, thus setting a significant milestone in IB&T's history.

2000 - 2001

In 2001 the local office was turned into a wholly-owned subsidiary, now known as Xi'an card_1 Software Co., Ltd.

IB&T gained additional specialist knowledge when it took over GEO DIGITAL GmbH of Düsseldorf in the year 2000. Since 1983 GEO DIGITAL has produced individual comprehensive solutions for geodesy and planning track-bound transport systems. Their new kinematic surveying and evaluation system GEOPAC-Kiss, jointly developed by GEO DIGITAL and the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich, has opened up new synergies in surveying, data logging and data processing.

In 2001 IB&T introduced card_1 eView, an innovative new product designed to present, document, archive and distribute planning projects. This means the documents of any one planning project are all combined into a single homogenous, digital information platform, available to any observer in a digital form. Experience shows that paperless digital planning folders are the future of information management.

2002 - 2004

IB&T has released numerous modules which make project work with card_1 even easier and more efficient. Calculating sight distances, presenting planning results in 3D using driving simulations or redesigning existing roads using the road surface optimization module are such examples, as are reconstructing surveyed roads/rail routes using the automatic alignment module or using the graphic fieldbook designed especially for surveying in the field.

IB&T specializes in 2004 in 3D data mapping of traffic routes, allowing users to log road and rail route data economically with their unique, powerful technology. Without any contact, traffic routes can be logged while driving at speeds of up to 100km/h.  Road and rail alignments, carriageway lanes and carriageway lane edges, vertical alignments, cross-sections, surface models, clearance spaces and information on traffic route condition can then be derived from this digital data using card_1.

2005 - 2007

The latest addition to the IB&T group is RZI Software GmbH, which joined in 2005. Based in Nuremberg, RZI is extremely successful in the areas of CAD and GIS, and has developed modular comprehensive solutions covering every area of civil engineering. Their CAD application card_1 for AutoCAD is an excellent addition to card_1 as it can deal with any civil engineering or infrastructure-related task.

With the release of Version 8.0, IB&T has launched a new generation of software onto the market – innovative, with a modern, easy-to-use user interface, MDI technology, object-oriented project work and dynamic data updates. This is software which is purpose-designed for the particular tasks demanded of civil engineering.

2007- 2011

card_1 generation 8 has seen continual development in each area, taking particular note of our customers’ wishes. Thanks to improved user friendliness and sophisticated solutions, project work has subsequently become easier and more reliable. Results can be presented more clearly and impressively.

Generating 3D structures is now possible. In each project view, i.e. plan view, interface views and 3D view, structures are displayed and represented in their actual dimensions. This is useful for both design and visualisation. 3D structures, complete with their actual geometry, can be generated from project data literally at the touch of a button.

The dynamic driving test, aimed at testing track alignments, is presented. The Rail module is particularly well equipped to scan existing routes at high speed. Critical areas can thus be quickly identified. The dynamic driving test of track alignments is an absolute must for all newcomers. Even old hands appreciate the benefits of this new tool.


IB&T presents the new design system for Road Design at the INTERGEO in Hanover. Customers and business partners get their first look at the new design system which delivers top quality planning results. An intelligent data model makes seamless support and automation possible, from the first draft right through to drawing and data export. IB&T is definitely on the right path to make card_1 an ever more technically intelligent system.

The current version of card_1, Version 8.4, focuses on the following features: the point cloud processing functions, image documentation, the graphic field book, the extended swept turning path calculation, the 3D sewer network calculation and the new rail planning functions such as flexible processing of railway structures, clearance structures und platform edges. card_1 runs equally well under Windows 8.

2013 - 2015

A new strategic cooperation with aRES Datensysteme expands the product range. card_1 can now offer expert solutions for sewer planning, sewer calculation, damage reporting, evaluation of existing conditions, sewer rehabilitation, pipe design, pipe calculation and pipe network management. The aRES infrastructure and management modules are an ideal extension of card_1’s comprehensive civil engineering software solution.

With over 7,300 users, card_1 is one of the most widely used applications for civil engineering, surveying and planning in Germany and worldwide. IB&T is a member of the Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV) and is heavily involved in the FGSV's Working Committee 9.7 'Fundamental Issues in Data Processing'. IB&T is a member of the buildingSmart e.V. It provides an environment where parties who share the goals and ambitions for open BIM can join together for the co-development and implementation of International Standards and compliance regimes.


From the word go, card_1 has also had many devotees beyond Germany, as evidenced by the popularity of the English, Chinese, Polish and Russian versions of card_1. Today IB&T looks back on such international success with pride, and yet knows that it is but the base upon which future challenges will be met.

Today IB&T provides software for traffic infrastructure planning based on various CAD platforms. Existing and potential customers can take advantage of a huge range of software functions in the areas of surveying, traffic and infrastructure planning – all from the same company. Satisfaction is guaranteed by the IB&T Group, and those with a service contract can change products should the need arise. As the customer, you have complete say over which products suit you and your needs best.