Dear Customers and Users,

Harry Basedow, proprietor of IB&T GmbH

Software can only remain successful in the long-run if it is technically sound and has proven itself in practice. card_1 has been on the market for over 30 years and certainly has what it takes!

Top customer care from our local partners, our numerous services and exchange of ideas with you, our valued customers, have all contributed to our success. Indeed, card_1 has always been a software system written by practitioners for practitioners.

Productive teamwork, interdisciplinary skills, using the latest development tools and ongoing staff training are likewise success factors which continually deliver added value. With such high standards it's no wonder that our engineers and IT specialists have managed to truly make card_1 a 'language of engineers'.

The card_1 Version 9.0 offers unique solutions for your project work, enabling you to work even more efficiently and confidently than ever before. We're certainly on the right track and will continue to develop card_1 into an even more intelligent and professional system. Join us on our journey!

Sincerely yours,
Harry Basedow