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Development Partners

Functionality, user-friendliness and efficacy are what make a high quality CAD system. Yet while such criteria seem obvious, achieving them is anything but.

Development Partners

Tackling this task is a joint effort between our own developers, our customers and development partners. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our partners:

IB&T Development Partners Bannewitz

IGM Interaktive Grafik Milde GmbH
In 1990 the construction engineers Gerd Niederschuh and Rolf Milde founded Interaktive Grafik Milde GmbH in Dresden. The two founders quickly established themselves as specialists in software-based traffic route and infrastructure planning. They have been an IB&T development partner since 1991, contributing to raster image processing, database-related solutions and data exchange interfaces. IGM GmbH also takes care of customer-specific adjustments to the card_1 system and advises customers on noise pollution-related evaluations.

IB&T Development Partners Dresden

A+S Consult GmbH

A+S Consult GmbH, founded in Dresden by Dr Veit Appelt in 1998, conducts research and development into surveying and planning of traffic infrastructure for road, rail and Maglev routes. They have been an IB&T development partner since 1998, specializing in devising 3D-oriented planning tools such as: 3D-view, visualization, driving simulation and calculating sight distances.

IB&T Development Partners Frechen

fpi fuchs Ingenieure GmbH

In 1972 fpi was set up as a classical engineering office. Today, fpi is an innovative provider of engineering services based on expertise in project planning and information processing. The electronic VIEW-IN TECHNOLOGY, known as eVIT, was developed by fpi to optimize project communication. eVIT is the core technical element of card_1 eView, the digital planning folder for presentations, archiving, documentation and distributing planning projects. fpi has been an IB&T development partner since 2000.

IB&T Development Partners

Dr. Pecher AG 

Dr Pecher AG is a consultancy specializing in drainage and water issues and has been an IB&T development partner since 1993. The card_1 sewer modules' hydraulic calculations are based on the calculation models FLUT and DYNA which Dr Rolf Pecher and Mr R. Tandler (Dipl. Math.) developed in conjunction with the Haus für Umweltinformatik (House of Environmental Information Technology). 

IB&T Development Partners Plauen

EDV Dr. Haller & Co. GmbH

Perfect traffic sign plans and signposts are synonymous with the name 'Dr Haller', as virtually every road planning administration in Germany uses his company's programs RSA, RWB and RMS Project. Dr Haller has been an IB&T development partner since 2001, and so traffic sign plans, signposts and road markings can be completely integrated into card_1.

IB&T Development Partners Munich

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Hübner

Hübner lectures at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in geo-information technology, practical geodesy, geodetic sensors, computer graphics and object-oriented programming. In his capacity as an IB&T development partner, Prof. Hübner is involved in developing the exchange format of the digital land register of Bavaria.