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card_1 VR Projects

Cardboard symbol in the player.
Cardboard symbol in the player.

The following are examples of how to use card_1 cardboard VR goggles.

  • Android users: the Sketchfab app significantly improves the VR display.
  • Screen time-out: if necessary, change your settings for an extended screen time-out.

The card_1 Bridge is an excerpt from the familiar RE2012 demo project. The model can be loaded by most smartphones and played as a VR model.

The second model shows the entire RE2012 demo project. A powerful smartphone is required to run the VR display here.

Both models were created within card_1, exported in the CPIXML format and converted into the OBJ format using ceapoint Desite MD. They were then uploaded using

1. Click the play button to start the model of your choice.

2. Start the VR display by clicking the cardboard symbol in the 3D player.