Modules for alignment management

Modules to plan and design the route in the plan view.

Alignment Design

Alignment Design

You can design road alignments for built-up and rural roads on-screen together with roundabouts and at-grade (single level) junctions taking the applicable design guidelines into account.

Scanned maps, orthophotos, digital data, check surveys and DTMs are the data basis for the alignment design. Especially when planning roads, the advantages of the card_1 system’s properties make themselves apparent.  more >

Automatic Alignment

Automatic Alignment

You can automatically generate alignments from existing points from the card_1 point database. You only require a sorted set of points to generate alignments automatically.

The points can originate from check surveys or may be digitized on-screen using orthophotos or scanned maps. Previously existing and calculated alignments can be reproduced easily and quickly. more >

Alignment Management

Alignment Management

Alignment Management offers functions to copy, delete, rename and transform alignments. The alignments are managed together with their properties and design guidelines.

When exchanging data with third party systems, the alignment master points can be imported and exported using the applicable card types. more >

Alignment Drawing / Alignment Drawing Rail

Alignment Drawing

You can create complete and technically sound alignment drawings with flexible annotations, carriageway edges and gradient changes. The batch mode enables you to generate multiple drawings in one step.

Alignment drawings may be displayed as a background layer in all base maporiented applications. more >

Alignment Evaluation

Alignment Evaluation

You can use this module to analyse and evaluate calculated and saved alignments using various methods.

The results are displayed immediately and also printed if desired. Any calculated coordinates can be saved to the card_1 point database. more >

Route Simulation

Route Simulation

Animated test-drive of roads and railway tracks plus fly-overs in the 3D project model. To test project data visually or for presentations. Visualize the sight distances according to RAL, HViSt and others.

This Module supports the BIM-planing process more >

Sight Distances

Sight distances

With one mouse click, you can determine the required as well as the actual stopping and overtaking sight distances; for both directions of travel and according to the relevant guidelines. You can calculate the actual sight distances by choosing either a vertical alignment-related 2D method or a complex 3D method which takes the three dimensional geometry of the road into account.

The information on the determined sight distances is displayed in a very clear manner in the graphics and can be integrated into longitudinal profile drawings, cross-section drawings and into base maps. The required sight distances can easily be determined using the card_1 route simulation.

This module supports the BIM planning process more >

card_1 makes it easy to check that your designs are in line with the Visualisation Guidelines HViSt for standard spatial elements, concealed starts of curves and critical areas of obstructed vision.

Swept Turning Path

Calculate swept turning paths based on the vehicle track method, incl. vehicle library. Display in the base map, simulation of the manoeuvres, various evaluation functions.

Take a look at the card_1 "Swept Turning Path" Tour, including a video, shows you how to generate swept turning path drawings at the click of the mouse.