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New RE (German Design Guidelines) 2012 integrated into CARD/1

Samples galore, e.g. the new RE 2012 area styles.

Base Map as per RE sample map generated by CARD/1.

Base Map excerpt: chainage data annotation on white background.

Legend groups: example town and country planning and protected areas.

Legend groups: example areas.

Legend groups: example road networks.

Legend groups: example inscriptions.

Legend groups: example designs.

Legend groups: example supply facilities.

Legend groups: other.

Macro lines: example inscriptions.

Macro lines: example roads.

Macro lines: example pipelines.

Example drawing explanation.

Cross sections: example cross sections.

3rd edition of CARD/1 Version 8.4 has the RE 2012 well in hand.

You don’t just follow the new guidelines, you have to work with them, too. This means having at your fingertips all the ready-to-go sample maps and standards for German map symbols needed to determine the content and layout of planning documentation. Just help yourself! Such integrated expertise makes it quick and easy to get the best results.

This includes the recently integrated legends, title blocks and drawing objects. Something suitable and to scale can be found for every design, even area and font styles are useful when editing drawings.

A further innovation to please CARD/1 users: elevation plans will be generated by dialogue in future – with all the trimmings and, naturally, RE compliant. The user sets the planning phase and required scale then gets an exact to-scale drawing of the elevation plans.

With the new RE 2012, your plans are more informative than ever and are generated strictly according to the guidelines. And good to know – CARD/1 will still be as flexible as always. Everything you get when applying the new guidelines are all RE compliant samples which can be adapted to your individual plans when and as required.