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GEOPAC 3D Clearance Envelope for CARD/1 now available

3D clearance envelope generated for vehicle type GT6N.

Base map view incl. total area requirements and test vehicle.

Test vehicle in the vehicle editor.

Excerpt from vehicle library.

Excerpt from vehicle library.

Excerpt from vehicle library.

The new 3D Clearance Envelope module means you can now calculate the space required for trams and trains on any track routes.

Even constriction checks when dealing with overgauge loads do not pose a problem.

The clearance envelope works three-dimensionally. Each relevant carriage cross-section gets its own 3D clearance envelope per track section. A result is produced for the current vehicle by overlapping the 3D clearance envelopes and this result is also valid for every vehicle running on this section of track. The direction of travel is accounted for.

3D clearance envelopes generated this way allow for comprehensive evaluations and collision testing. Naturally, the classical "clearance envelope" (projecting the carriage path onto the plane) can be created from the clearance envelope showing the path swept by the passing vehicle.

A vehicle library has been integrated containing a selection of vehicle types common to European transport companies.

With the help of the vehicle editor delivered with the module you can adapt existing vehicles to your current needs or create new ones. Even constriction checks when dealing with overgauge loads can be carried out with the clearance envelope module. This is aided by e.g. intersecting a clearance envelope with a point cloud in order to determine the spatial clearances of the constriction.

The vehicle editor provided by CARD/1 is identical to that of GEOPAC, the software developed by GEO DIGITAL GmbH, our subsidiary in Düsseldorf, meaning vehicles can be interchanged. The CARD/1 3D Clearance Envelope module was jointly developed on the basis of GEO DIGITAL's many years of experience with clearance envelopes and their years of delivering software to many large local transport companies in Germany.

The new clearance envelope module will be launched at this year's InnoTrans exhibition in Berlin: Berlin Exhibition Centre, 23 September – 26 September 2014, Hall 5.2, Stand 221