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CARD/1 eView Version 8.430 released

New Image Gallery – Images displayed as an image sequence in a separate viewing window.

The display window's contents can now be split into two zones.

A right-mouse click opens a target document in a new window. In order to keep track of things, the tag blinks in the new window.

The freshly released CARD/1 eView Version offers many new and improved functions. A highlight of the Authoring-System is that you can generate an image sequence and display it in a separate image gallery.

The images are simply read from the folder you nominate and inserted into a separate window as an image sequence.

Another new function is the encrypting and decrypting of all your project data in one go.

The new function «Import Folder Structure» is equally practical as it enables you to adopt an entire existing folder structure, including all files, and automatically generate from it a ready-made new tree-view structure.

The Viewer too contains new features. In order to utilize the display area better, you can now split a window's contents into two zones. And by right-clicking the mouse you can open a target document in a new window. The tag blinks and so is immediately visible.

Other new and extended functions are available in the areas of visibility and annotation as well as measuring and printing.

Here you can find more information about CARD/1 eView.